The safety of our food is a hot topic these days. A TV-report broadcasted yesterday clearly shows once again the insecurity that comes with this issue and how uncertain the consumers are – often rightly so.
The consumer is facing a true jungle of quality labels, quality seals and promises. The original intention –to convey at first glance that a product complies with certain defined criteria one is able to rely on – has gone lost to the greatest possible extent.

Apart from the fact that behind popular quality seals the consumers often cannot find the properties they assume (e.g. GMP-free feeding), the compliance to these properties is – as shown – not always guaranteed.

In the EU, more than 50% of food fraud cases are connected to deficient, wrong or falsified documentation. If the documents accompanying a product are not reliable or the label on the product package does not correspond to what is actually inside – how can you be sure?

The only way to achieve this would be the possibility to test the product itself – that is to say directly and on basis of a single sample whether it is “organic”,  “natural”, or “from Austria”.

This possibility exists. Independent analytical analyses on the basis of the isotope fingerprint can prove these parameters in a targeted and trustable way, to detect cases of fraud and misleading information.

Imprint Analytics GmbH offers exactly these services to interested customers for years. Especially in the field of origin verification, the method determining the isotope fingerprint has proven itself well and is applied by more and more reputable stakeholders of the food supply chain for control of their own or competitor products.

By means of independent regular tests directly on the product, the reliability and significance of the already existing quality seals can be substantiated, reducing the risk and the product’s safety vulnerability.

In this area Imprint Analytics offers an own quality seal – Improven – to prove product promises, especially the origin. Because one thing is certain: Almost everybody wants to now where the food comes from. And they want to be sure.


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