Late frost in April led to damages in Austria’s important apple cultivation areas followed by crop failures.

For this reason it is now getting more and more difficult to buy authentic Austrian apples. Of course this is also heavily affecting the prices. For meeting the demand, apples from foreign countries are imported.

The Austrians now have to look carefully when they choose to consume local products.

Similar supply problems have been reported for other fresh fruits and vegetables as well, in the wider region of Central Europe due to the irregular weather conditions. It is of huge importance that the consumer can rely on the fact that products labelled as local are really cultivated in the declared country of origin.

With the reference sample system (RSS) offered by Imprint Analytics it is possible to quickly get an analytical and independent testing of origin by sample comparison in order to discover or even prevent any attempts of manipulation or misdeclaration of products. Such tools are increasingly used for risk mitigation across the food supply chain.


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