Apart from coconut milk which is a thick liquid made from the flesh of fresh coconuts and can serve as healthy and creamy alternative to dairy products, also the clear liquid inside the coconut is now becoming very popular: Coconut water.

Coconut water is rich in nutrients, has a very unobtrusive taste and a low viscosity.

These properties made it a trend beverage on one hand but also convenient for blending other fruit juices and smoothies which should contain 100% fruit. Of course the positive effects of coconut water are forfeited when there is sugar added. The valuable product then turns into a calorie bomb and 100% natural beverages can not keep their promise.

The problem is that also here, like in so many other products, the labels often do not reflect correctly the real content of the beverages, meaning sugar is not even mentioned.

Therefore when looking for coconut water on the market it is favorable to carry out authenticity testing of the product. Independent and analytical tests are the only solution to be sure that you won´t pay an unjustified high price and lead your healthy life-style ad absurdum with adulterated products.

There are standard and highly reliable techniques for finding out if sugar was illicitly added, including an official integral isotope test. Imprint Analytics has extensive experience with coconut waters authenticity testing combining advanced methods such as HPLC/EA-IRMS.