Traceability of soya beans

In cooperation with Danube Soya, Imprint Analytics established a worldwide isotope database during the last two years. This database includes more than 650 GPS-referenced soybean samples from 35 countries in Danube Soya region, Europe and non European areas. The Soya-Isotope database will be updated annually and expanded continuously.
Imprint Analytics enables a concrete verification of the geographic origin of soybeans through the determination of the isotope ratios and provides support ensuring traceability at all levels. The database can be used for controlling the origin of the soybeans, protecting the added-value of the designated source area of production.
In collaboration with our partner, additional to the determination of origin, we can also offer GMO, Glyphosat and AMPA testing in attractive package prices.

For further information or questions regarding the determination of origin please do not hesitate to contact us!