Online commerce gains vast market share, for both food and non-food products. However, the level of quality assurance and integrity can be questionable and there is an enhanced opportunity for producers of counterfeit products to make money on the back of unsuspecting customers. The impact has both economic and food safety aspects, forcing EU legislation to get harmonized, complete and ready for the Digital Single Market, according to Andrea Gavinelli (DG SANTE).

Alain Galaski, Director General of the European Brands Association (AIM), stated in the course of world Anti-Counterfeiting Day on June 7th, 2017 that 10 % of European consumers unknowingly buy counterfeited products and emphasized the importance to resume principles of the 2004 “IPRED” Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights which should determine the obligation for every stakeholder in the value chain to “act with due diligence by taking appropriate proactive measures to protect consumers and intellectual property rights from the promotion, commercialization, and distribution of counterfeited products”.

Concerning online platforms, the European Parliament calls them in a report adopted on 15th June 2017 to undertake measures to fight more effectively against counterfeits with regard to consumer protection and the reputation of legitimate businesses.

The report of the European Parliament is a strong statement that counterfeiting of goods is no petty misdemeanor but can be a significant threat to health and safety of consumers.

Big online platforms have already realized that due to the fact that food supply chains have gone global and more complex, this can affect the platforms´ reputation negatively when connected with food fraud and so they already try to seek measures against it.

Securing transaction processing is here an important issue. Nevertheless it is also of great importance to be able to test the product itself on certain characteristics in an undoubted way.

In this field Imprint Analytics provides reliable measures for authentication of products which serve as powerful tools for all stakeholders to analytically get and give evidence of the credibility and security of their products.

Isotope analysis supplemented by comprehensive and complete controlling solutions becomes an integral key part of authentic food monitoring and verification in the fight against counterfeit products.



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