230 Million Dollars. That´s what the goods are worth that were seized in the course of operation “Opson VI” by international police since December 2016. Almost 10 000 tons and 26 million liters of counterfeit and partly potentially harmful food were found. 50 000 controls were carried out and 61 countries participated the action.

The threat by food fraud affects all types of products and all regions of the world.

Also there are new trends like counterfeit mineral water. Alone in Italy 266 000 liters of mineral water were found where the content did not match the product promise.

In case of wine fake goods were found where the wine was declared as a brand product with protected geographical indication of origin. Also pure ethanol was added to cheap wine which was expensively sold afterwards.

Cases like these again make it very clear how poor the reliability of documents and declarations on product packages is. An analytical proof of origin and authenticity as it can be performed directly on the product by isotope analyses is getting more and more important for product safeguarding and with regard to customers confidence.


 “EUR 230 Million worth of fake food and beverages seized in global OPSON operation targeting food fraud”, Europol, April 25th, 2017