FOOD FRAUD describes the intentional substitution, mislabeling, adulteration or counterfeiting
of food, raw materials, ingredients or packaging placed upon the market for economic gain.

Imprint Analytics offers a complete FOOD FRAUD PREVENTION PROGRAM which includes consulting, expert support as well as a wide spectrum of analytical tools that can be implemented into your risk mitigation plan.
Our long and close contact with the ongoing market circumstances and conditions allows us to be able to provide full coverage over the topic of food fraud prevention measures and risk management.



The FOOD FRAUD PREVENTION PROGRAM for Retail is designed to guide the users through the process of developing and applying a comprehensive food fraud risk mitigation plan, dealing with the bottlenecks of food fraud risks, source of food fraud intelligence and choosing the appropriate analytical methods. Explore the all-in solution and tackle food fraud once and for all.


A systematic documented form of risk assessment to identify the risk of possible food fraud activity within the supply chain -including all raw materials, ingredients, food, packaging and outsourced processes.
International Featured Standards Food 6.1.

Several international standards already include the requirement of a vulnerability assessment such as IFS Food, BRC and FSSC according to the GFSI guidelines.

Develop the Food fraud RISK MITIGATION PLAN

The process that defines the requirements on when, where and how to mitigate fraudulent activities, identified by the food fraud vulnerability assessment. The resulting plan will define the measures and controls that are required to be in place to effectively mitigate the identified risks. 
International Featured Standards Food 6.1


Depending on the product and the risk assessment, we advise on the appropriate testing options among a wide range of analytical tools to ensure the authenticity and origin of the products.

Methods of analysis:

  • Official methods of analysis
    for wine, juice, honey, maple syrup
  • Modern state-of-the-art analytical techniques
    Next Generation Sequencing, GC-C/P-IRMS, NMR, NIR
  • Globally recognized, validated and accredited methods
    origin testing by multi-isotope fingerprinting


  • Security and transparency along the entire supply chain
  • Avoiding financial and economic losses due to fraud and/or recall
  • Ensuring declared product claims
  • Promoting confidence and quality to the consumer→strengthening the brand of the company
  • Imprint Analytics acts independently using its global and longstanding experience in authenticity testing

We are happy to give you personal advice for all questions concerning food fraud as well as certification requirements.

Our products

Identität und Herkunft belegen - fälschungssicher und überprüfbar

Analytical check of origin and authenticity

Probensicherung und Beratung - professionell und unkompliziert

Safe storage of reference samples

Produkte und Materialien schützen - differenzierbar und individuell

Forgery-proof product protection by isotope labelling

Quality seal as evidence for analytically tested products

Quality seal as evidence for analytically tested products