As desired by the customers, food of domestic production should not be found in the supermarket shelves in summer only but be available all around the year. Cultivation of vegetable and fruits is also changing in Austria. With high investments for green houses, foil tunnels etc. as well as the return to alternative, very resistant and often old local varieties tomatoes, paprika, salad, strawberries and other crops can already be harvested several weeks before official start of the season. For some food premium prices of additional 25-50% to the normal price can be archieved. For strawberries even 2-3 times of the normal price. Due to their reference to the local cultivation the consumers prefer such products. Nevertheless the domestic agriculture is facing an enormous price pressure: imports of foreign vegetables in Austria archieve millions of euros every year (from Italy 130 MIO, Germany 90 MIO, Spain 80MIO, the Netherlands 30 MIO and Hungary 20 MIO) mostly concerning tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, salad and asparagus (see the ORF-report „Bauern unter Druck: mehr Gemüse aus dem Ausland“ at €CO from April 16th,  2015).


As a young company Imprint Analytics GmbH supports the domestic food sector to protect their products and brands. Imprint Analytics GmbH in Neutal in Burgenland ( works in thi field using state-of-the-art methods to determine the origin, identity and authenticity of agricultural products. Imprint Analytics GmbH (founded 2012) is well established in routine analytics and a 60% R&D part as a competent partner for analytical testing of product identity and traceability of food and agricultural products with the help of isotope analysis. The first commercial isotope laboratory is accredited since July 2014 and deals also with research requests as well as with specialized analytics in the food industry and agriculture.