In the supermarkets, the consumer is confronted with a veritable jungle of seals of approval and quality promises. The original intention – to be able to convey at a glance that a product meets certain defined criteria that can be relied on – has largely been lost.

It is not just that well-known quality seals often do not contain the properties that the consumer would suspect (e.g. GMO-free feeding), compliance with these is not always guaranteed – as has been shown.

In the EU, more than 50% of food fraud cases are due to incorrect, incorrect or falsified documentation. If the documents that accompany a product are not reliable or the inscription on the product packaging does not correspond to what is actually inside – how can you be sure?

This could only be achieved if there was a way to check the product yourself – namely to find out directly and using a single sample whether it is “organic”, whether it is “natural”, whether it comes “from Austria”.

This possibility already exists. Independent analytical investigations based on the isotope fingerprint can precisely and reliably confirm these parameters or uncover cases of fraud and deception.

Imprint Analytics GmbH has been offering precisely these services to interested customers for years. Especially in the area of origin determination, the method with the determination of the isotope fingerprint has proven itself and is being used by more and more well-known providers to control their own or competing products.

Independent regular tests directly on the product can also underpin the reliability and meaningfulness of existing seals of approval in order to minimize the risk and vulnerability of product safety. In this area, Imprint Analytics offers its own seal of approval – Improven – to secure product promises, especially the origin. Because one thing is certain: almost everyone wants to know where the food comes from. With certainty.