Imprint Analytics

Your partner for origin and authenticity verification

We think and plan independently of traditional methods.

Since being founded in 2013, Imprint Analytics is tracking down the isotope fingerprint of products and raw materials. With the help of innovative methods we can provide reliable conclusions about origin and authenticity of food, additives, pharmaceuticals and other products independently from any documents.

Imprint Analytics is the main contact for trade and industry, producers and suppliers, as well as for inspection authorities and consumer protection organizations regarding all questions around product authenticity and falsifications. Completely independent from documents we can determine the origin and authenticity of food, additives, pharmaceuticals and other products for our customers.

Since December 2018 Imprint Analytics is in partnership with the world´s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, the SGS Group. The partnership will allow Imprint Analytics to further widen the market access and the scope of its technology and know-how. Imprint Analytics´ competences will complement SGS’s existing service portfolio in the food authenticity and food fraud segment.



What we can do for you:

Fav-ImprintAnalytics   Origin verification

Fav-ImprintAnalytics   Proof of authenticity

Fav-ImprintAnalytics   Expert Opinion (Gutachten)


Fav-ImprintAnalytics  Sampling

Fav-ImprintAnalytics  Consulting

Fav-ImprintAnalytics  Risk Assessment

We offer best quality for an economical price, high competence and flexibility. Starting with the first talk! We give individual and competent support starting with the conception of an efficient analytical solution through to the preparation of sound reporting. We carry out our analyses with the help of the latest technology under strict quality control in our own modern equipped laboratory at our site in Neutal (Austria). Our testing laboratory is accredited for a number of isotope measurements according to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025 (scope of accreditation). Furthermore Imprint Analytics cooperates with other qualified laboratories to represent an One-Stop-Shop covering a wide range of analyses.




Meet the Isotope Hunters at Imprint Analytics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, May 2018

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