Analytical testing of origin and authenticity


IMCHECK offers you analytical testing of origin and authenticity independently of documents, only based on a product sample. For this reason we determine the isotope fingerprint of the product and make a competent interpretation.

The shelves of the stores are filled with products of regional origin. But how truly regional are these fruits and vegetables? Ways of manipulation can be very versatile and go even beyond wrong declaration of the products origin. Would you like to know if your apple is from Austria? If the vanillin in your ice cream originated from vanilla pods of Madagascar? We can help you with IMCHECK when it comes to questions about origin and identity of products.

Reference sample
  • Selection of suitable reference samples
  • Determination of the isotope fingerprint
  • Depending on demand the reference sample will be used for establishment or expansion of a data base or for the direct matching with the control sample
Control sample
  • Determination of the isotope fingerprint
  • Matching of control sample with database or specific reference samples
  • Proof of origin
  • Proof of¬†authenticity
  • Batch comparison

ImCheck in detail

We are happy to discuss individually your questions about the determination of origin and authenticity of your products.

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