Authenticity check

Get quick, reliable certainty regarding your product

Imprint Analytics can support you when it comes to determination and verification the identity and authenticity of your product and the raw material used. Our innovative methods verify the origin of source materials and end products.

Methods of authenticity verification

Detection of additives

Using our accredited methods additives such as water, sugar, ethanol, technical CO2, etc. can be detected. This enables us to uncover frauds with illegal or wrongly declared ingredients in such products as fruit juices or alcoholic drinks. Illegal additives in wine or sparkling wine are very well detectable. Concerning the addition of sugar, it is further possible to differentiate between sugar of C3-plants (sugar beet) and sugar of C4-plants (cane sugar, corn).

Differentiate natural and synthetic flavours

Food often contains a variety of ingredients which have to be declared accordingly. Flavourings can be of natural or synthetic origin. With our accredited methods we can differentiate natural, nature-identical and synthetic additives.

Batch comparison

Isotope analysis plays a decisive role when it comes to traceability of batches in the areas of production, import and export. With retained samples, the identity of products can be verified independently of documents. Comparison of batches can provide support in product safeguarding in cases like accusation of plagiarism or product defects. Regarding the Reference Sample System, a control sample is directly compared with an original reference sample, providing strong evidence of authenticity.

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