Verification of origin

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For the determination of the geographical origin, the isotope fingerprint of your product or material is determined by isotope analysis. With this approach it is possible to guarantee and analytically verify the traceability independently from documents.

Methods for origin analysis

Question the origin of specific samples per reference sample system

For origin testing of products Imprint Analytics recommends a system based on reference samples which was developed by Imprint Analytics and awarded with the “Burgenländischen Innovationspreis für Dienstleister” in the year 2015. The isotope fingerprint of authentic reference samples is established and then the control samples are compared directly with the reference dataset. This approach offers traceability across the supply chain, connecting the product back to the farm. Upon request reference samples can be stored already in advance in the course of our IMSAFE-program. Upon request reference samples can be stored already in advance in the course of our IMSAFE-program.

Determine the origin of unknown samples via database

In contrast to the RSS, for a database the references are collected in an appropriate lead time in order to relate the control samples to the big data pool afterwards. However, even the most complete databases will miss specific local isotope signatures which might lead to misinterpretations, false positive results and inconsistencies. An annual adjustment of the database is necessary, because the seasonal differences might be bigger than the geographical ones. With regular adaptations this method offers an optimal evaluation basis especially for samples with totally unknown origin.

In comparison

Analysis per reference sample system
  • Very specific comparison of reference samples against control sample
  • No pre investment
  • Control possible immediately
  • Verificaton back to manufacturer possible


  • Needs a direct comparison with a reference sample
Analysis per database
  • No extra reference sample in addition to the control sample necessary
  • Size of database can be increased according to demand
  • No storage costs for retained samples
  • Depending on database extent further origin determinations can be made
  • Pre investment for establishing database
  • Long lead time
  • Annual actualization and expansion necessary
  • Local specifications cannot be addressed exactly

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