Support for certification audits

Imprint Analytics supports you for certifications such as IFS FOOD STANDARD, BRC GLOBAL Standard, GLOBAL G.A.P., GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE (GFSI) etc.

Use a reliable and effective evidence for your product claims!

Analytical evidence for compliance

The importance of certifications for products has significantly increased over the last years. At every point of the food supply chain independent inspections can take place and certificates be issued according to certain standards. A valid certificate as a sign of submission to defined control of parameters in the course of a certification is now a must for the marketing of food products in order to enhance and maintain trust.

The standards which are used for certifications aim to establish, maintain and apply highly developed food security systems. Certifiers consider the relevance of risk mitigation in every area. Most updated versions of certification standards include a strict section about food fraud control.

Imprint Analytics can offer tools to give strong evidence for compliance. With isotope analysis the origin and authenticity of products can be determined analytically – a powerful argument for every vulnerability assessment or evaluation and planning of fraud mitigation. The applicability particularly extends to the food sector but the methods can also be used in many other areas.

IFS Standard

The IFS Food Standard Version 6.1, November 2017 established clear specifications for the topic food fraud. A documented food fraud vulnerability assessment on all raw materials, ingredients, packaging and outsourced processes is required as well as a documented food fraud mitigation plan. The terms food fraud, food fraud mitigation plan and food fraud vulnerability assessment were defined exactly and requirements concerning the topic food fraud were added to the compulsory fields of the IFS audit report.


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