Forgery-proof product protection by isotope labelling


With IMPROTECT you can clearly differentiate your products and materials from any plagiarism and you are able to perfectly distinguish production batches. During the production process a special isotope mark leaves an individual signature which can prove the identity of your products at any time.

Differentiation of the original from plagiarism is becoming increasingly important – and sometimes even more complex. Even the isotope analyses can meet its limits here, because the more diverse the manufacturing process is and the higher the number of used individual components, the higher  the natural variation range of the isotope value in the final product. If another manufacturer obtains his starting material from the same (maybe the only) supplier, the differentiation of the final product, even via the isotope fingerprint is getting again, more difficult.

  • Professional advice for labelling method
  • Selection of the marker
  • Selection of the introduction method
  • Specific modification of your products isotope ratio
  • Introduction of the marker into the production process
  • Determination of the isotope pattern of the suspicious product
  • Matching the isotope pattern of the suspicious product with the labelled product

We are happy to support you individually with further information.

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