Quality seal as evidence for analytically tested products



Our quality seal IMPROVEN presents a visible evidence of your continuous analytical quality assurance. You can use it actively to show your customers  in a credible and transparent way that you actually keep your labelling promises regarding origin and originality.


More and more customers put emphasis on the origin of  products, varietal purity and unadulterated ingredients. There are a lot of advertising messages making such promises but only few of them can be truly verified.

With our quality label IMPROVEN we support you to prove your promotional descriptions in a reliable way and to communicate them transparently. The quality label can be used actively in your marketing and also to visibly label your products with it.

According to previously defined testing parameters we continuously and regularily carry out analytical tests of your products with high precision, independently of documents.

Talk to us and let us work out a concept together to strengthen the credibility of your products.

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