Safe storage of reference samples


With IMSAFE, apart from our analytical solutions, Imprint Analytics offers the possibility of professional and economic storage of your reference samples to have them at hand quickly and simply when necessary.

Do you have doubts about the credibility of one of your suppliers? Have you received a product complaint? Inconsistencies about origin and authenticity of products, ingredients and raw materials lead to a massive loss of reputation or also to lengthy court proceedings. If you have reliable, analytical evidence, doubts and accusations are refuted quickly. The storing process with IMSAFE is very easy:

  • Professional advice and support
  • Selection of storage samples by the customer
  • Depending on the purpose the storage of different batches, production sites, suppliers or cultivation areas are recommended.
Sample storage
  • Processing of samples upon arrival at our laboratory
  • Storage into our sample archive
  • Storage of samples for several years possible
Analysis on demand
  • Reference sample immediately available and quick matching with control sample possible

We are happy to support you individually with further information.

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