Less than 1% of the most popular flavor worldwide comes from a fully natural source – the vanilla orchid. 80% of the world´s natural vanilla supply derives from small farms in Madagascar. This March a powerful cyclone hit the island of Madagascar affecting thousands of people and leaving many areas of the country inaccessible.
Under these circumstances it can be assumed that the natural vanilla supply will not be very stable. Hard times for food companies promoting their products to contain nothing but natural vanilla as prices for the flavour will definitively go through the roof.
Pressure will rise and it is even more important for producers to ensure that credibility of authenticity of the vanilla they use can be maintained.

Imprint Analytics GmbH as a pioneer in offering independent and analytical authenticity testing for vanilla can support companies to proof their successful effort in purchasing natural vanilla for their products and is even able to give analytical evidence about the origin of the flavour source (vanilla orchid).

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